Nutrition for Performers

the essential nutrition & wellness program designed specifically for actors, singers & dancers


Is your diet getting in the way of your best performance?

Inconsistent nutrition choices and unhealthy habits.

Performers live an exciting yet irregular lifestyle, posing a challenge to eat well on a daily basis. 

Limited healthy food choices on set. Long rehearsals or filming days that require focus and energy into overtime. Performance nerves that make it difficult to eat or cause pain and bloating. Breakouts that flare just when you've booked that exciting gig. Unhealthy routines, lack of time or low funds for quality food when work is slow - all take a toll.

Image. Image. Image. 

The pressure to be confident, thin, fit and youthful is unfortunately felt by many in the entertainment industry. Your look, energy, health, perceived age and ultimately, your brand, directly influences your opportunities. 

Performers feel it and live it every single day.  

How do I know? Because I've been there!

I am a professional actor and have been working in the industry since I was 12. I know all too well the health, lifestyle and body image concerns of performers. I've been told I look too old, too young, too hot, not hot enough. I've even been asked to dramatically change my look after I've booked a part. I've been embarrassed when asking an MUA to hide a breakout, and felt shame when my size fluctuated since the wardrobe fitting. I've experienced an unhealthy love/hate relationship with food trying to achieve a desired look.

If you're like me, you are self aware and
always aim to present your best self.

You stay active - but is it enough?

You may have hired a personal trainer or attend regular yoga classes, but you're not seeing results. Although incredibly important, eating right for you actually has a bigger impact on your health, especially for changes in body composition.

You've seen a dermatologist but those pimples are not going away.

Acne breakouts are an infuriating and embarrassing issue for performers. Problem skin is complex and it can be tricky to find a solution. Targeted nutrition could be the missing piece you've been searching for.

You have an stunning headshot with perfect hair and makeup. 

But do you look like your headshot when you enter the room? Is your energy, personality and confidence reflected in your performance? Have you taken care of yourself first? 

When you feel your best, you'll look your best, and perform your best.

Discover how nutrition can help you become
camera, stage & red carpet ready.

Gain a better understanding of your body and your daily nutritional needs.

Week by week, nutrition is broken down and new healthy habits are implemented. As routines begin to shift, you'll eat better, feel better, and ultimately perform better every day. You may even find a new positive relationship with food you never had before.

Sometimes we need a little extra support to get to where we want to be.

Nutritional guidance from someone who understands your work can make all the difference. Identify your goals and learn how to take the steps to achieve them. Learning exactly what you need nutritionally gives you power over your health, providing you with the most authentic confidence when you walk into the audition room!

I took my health into my own hands 10 years ago and have turned that knowledge into helping others.

Nurturing health from the inside out, I empower performers to help them achieve their goals. Watching my clients shine on stage, on screen or on a red carpet makes my work all worthwhile!

Performers who have worked with Gillian...

Nutrition for Performers | Group Program

Over 6 classes you'll discover how nutrition can help support your best performance. Weekly topics designed specifically for performers includes:

  • Nutrition for health & confidence
  • Eating during role & audition prep
  • Choosing the best foods on set & on the run
  • Foods to boost memory, energy & reduce stress
  • Nutrition for clear, glowing & youthful skin
  • Guidance for weight loss & strength gain
  • How to shape your diet to support your best performance

Includes everything you need to succeed: Meal Plans, Shopping Lists, Recipes, Fact Sheets, Lifestyle Support + More

***Registration is now closed. If you would like to be the first to learn about early bird pricing for the next group session please email

Nutrition for Performers | Private Program

Performers who are looking for flexible one-on-one support can refer to my private coaching packages HERE.  

*If you are a CAEA member currently on contract, private nutrition consultations with an RHN may be covered under extended wellness benefits. Please contact your provider for further information. Invoices will be provided. 

An initial chat with Gillian is always free! 


What will you cover in Nutrition for Performers group program?

Every week a new nutrition topic is discussed, each building on the last. We'll go through the steps, re-learn the basics and address your hurtles.

We will also cover:

  • Nutrition for health & confidence
  • Foods to boost memory, reduce stress & maintain clear, glowing skin
  • Eating healthy on set & off season
  • Tips for weight loss & strength gain
  • How to shape your diet to support your best performance

What should I expect to gain from the class?

Over the 6 weeks you will learn what foods are best for you, what you're doing right and where your diet is lacking. Whether you are a self proclaimed terrible eater or consider your diet to already be quite healthy, there is always room to learn and grow.

Of course I can't guarantee specific results, but I can promise you that when we're done, you'll have a 5 day meal plan you can use over and over again, with increased awareness and understanding of what your body needs everyday. You will also have all the tools you need to succeed: shopping lists, recipes, fact sheets, lifestyle support and more.

Your personal success will be based on your desire to make small changes week by week to get closer to your optimal diet.

Is this a support group?

This program is a chance for you to increase your nutrition knowledge in a small group of your peers who understand your lifestyle as a performer. It's also a place where you can come every week to ask questions and discuss your hurtles. Nutrition for Performers is the perfect place to feel supported and to help you stay on track or working toward your health goals.

I have allergies, I'm vegetarian or diabetic...Is this class for me?

Absolutely! Weekly plans and recipes will be offered with substitutions and considerations. Rest assured I take everyone's individual dietary needs with up-most importance.

Is there a promo discount code?

Are you ACTRA, CAEA or did you attend my Discovery Class? Email me and I'll send you the code!

Are you ready to join us?